interview edit 2

Hello! To start things off my name is Bonita, creator of the food website Bon Eater (all credit for the name and a lot more things goes to my dad, he’s a very witty man) I’m a real life lover of food, there are very few things that i don’t already love or won’t try. When it comes to food however, quality is definitely important, there are too many things wrong with the food industry to settle for second best -you don’t know where it’s been. With food it can be very easy to lie, I once bought a cucumber which had a postcode of where it was grown, which turned out to be in my home town in Colchester…didn’t exist, i don’t know why or how, i did my research and there was no such area.

So yes, i can be picky with where my food is sourced but only because I think the food industry is ridiculously corrupt and i would much rather spend my money somewhere deserving than somewhere that lies. BUT hey ho! That aside i love food, i love cooking it, baking it, buying it, eating it, looking at it, photographing it, talking about it…yeah all those things, it’s just great. I like to think i’m rather easy to buy for when it comes to Christmas or Birthdays, bring me jar of pesto, a vintage cheese, or bag of loose leaf tea and i’m happy!

I will never forget for Christmas back in 2001 when i was nine i received a whisk – not because my parents were weird and thought it was funny, i already loved cooking. Best present ever, i made pancakes that morning and still have that same whisk. It works perfectly might i add. So since then and even before i have had a real soft spot for food, so i suppose it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that i take pride in what i cook and what i eat.

I’m no chef, nor a cook just someone who really likes food, simple really 🙂