Greenpeace Announce 20 Overfishing Culprits

Source: Greenpeace

Source: Greenpeace

Overfishing is becoming a bigger problem than expected with ‘monster boats’ contributing to the depletion and destruction of our oceans, affecting coastal fishing communities globally. Today a list has been released by Greenpeace announcing who the culprits are to overfishing. 90 per cent of our fish stocks are either fully or overexploited, following this Greenpeace have urgently called upon governments to remove ‘monster boats’ from industrial fishing fleets around the world.

This is becoming a major problem globally where United Nations bodies are warning the EU of the situation, however parts of the EU fleets are able to fish two to three times the sustainable level. The catch levels for Baltic cod and salmon stock were agreed in October as exceeding the recommended levels.

Nina Thuellen, fisheries project coordinator for the EU explains “A relatively small number of industrial fishing barons are recklessly making huge profits from our oceans, with little respect for environmental and social considerations.” Greenpeace set a criteria along with their list of overfishing boats to identify exactly what a ‘monster boat’ including the vessels’ fish catching and holding capacity as well as the environmental and socio-economic impact of fishing activities.

Thuellen also emphasises on the point that “Governments must stop turning a blind eye to overfishing by taking action on monster boats and support low-impact fishers instead.” In the report it states this list is only a snapshot of the goings on in terms of overfishing, “it nevertheless highlights the social, environmental and ecological consequences of this ruthless assertion of vested interests.”

Click here to see the list of boats seen to be fishing and the criteria for monster boats.

Credit to Daily News Service