Three Mushroom Potstickers



There is nothing as delicious as a fresh, homemade potsticker. These babies are so easy to make that you wont go back to eating potstickers at a restaurant again. I have not explained the way to create the shape for the dumpling but here is a nice video that demonstrates various dumpling wrapping techniques.

You can get creative with the stuffing and its actually therapeutic to put these potstickers together. I used a combination of three different types of mushrooms – shiitake, oyster and button mushrooms, each to give its own unique texture and flavor. This was my choice of combination but you should try mixing and matching other flavors like water chestnut, corn kernels, tofu, spinach etc.

If you are really pressed on time or if you land up loving this recipe so much that you wanna keep on making it frequently then you could make the potstickers – like make…

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