The People’s Right to Natural Beauty

Photo: WTML

Photo: WTML

Did you know that only householders earning at least £45,000 a year have full access to beauty, being able to live in areas with attractive buildings and green spaces with woods and trees. We didn’t think that sounded to fair either, and a little odd if truth be told.

Thinktank ResPublica put together a report on this topic titled ‘A Community Right to Beauty‘. 81% of those surveyed for this report said they think everyone should be able to access beauty regularly and, most of them stating they found beauty in the natural environment.

Beccy Speight, Woodland Trust CEO, said:
It’s unsurprising that the natural environment is top of the list when people are asked what they consider beauty to encompass. However, vitally, this report highlights peoples’ belief that access to beauty is a right, not a luxury.

“Along with the evidence of the benefits access to beauty brings, for example that even the sight of trees can reduce commuter stress, or that more attractive streets would encourage more people to get out walking, it’s clear that our green and pleasant land should not be taken for granted.

“We have long pushed for policy makers to look to increase access to nature and green space, whether that’s by creating more woods close to people, or by including trees in plans for new development. Not only would this make a huge difference to many peoples’ lives, it’s vital for the health and prosperity of the nation.

The report is also supported by The National Trust, Campaign to Protect Rural England, Ecclesiastical Insurance, Atlantic Gateway Parklands, Hastoe Housing Association and Civic Voice.

You can read the full report here.