The People’s March For Our People and Planet


Source: Woodland Trust

At the beginning of December, the International COP21 Paris Climate Change talks will take place. David Cameron is attending on behalf of the UK alongside other “cross-sector participants from business, Government, finance, UN, NGO and civil society” as stated on Cop21 Paris website. It is expected a new global agreement will be announced, and in preparation for this marches will be taking place all across the country.

Thousands of people are expected to be marching to demand commitment for action on climate change and other related issues such as our woods and trees. Over 28th -29th November The Woodland Trust will be one of the organisations taking part in London, Belfast, Edinburgh, and Cardiff as part of The Climate Coalitions.

There will of course be other organisations standing up for what they believe in, and hopefully getting our point across that the protection of our planet is just as important as other causes. Climate change is something we cannot avoid, and for The Woodland Trust the protection of our woods and trees is a big part of this. We need to show our government and other governments that we care, so will need as much support as possible.

The Peoples March is being organised by global campaigners , Avaaz, and will take place on Saturday 28th November in Edinburgh and Cardiff, then London and Belfast on Sunday 29th November. If you want to join us and show your support, please head over to our site to sign up. You can also find out more about this event here.