Vegan in Japan – Ain Soph Ripple

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Being vegan in Japan doesn’t have to be disaster as long as you’re prepared and do your research on the do’s and don’ts. I’ve taken to Ain Soph one of the best known vegan joints in Tokyo to ask about their restaurant branches and vegan friendly menu’s. Starting off with just one restaurant in Shinjuku, Ain Soph has expanded opening up 3 more branches across the city.

Each branch is different and has it’s own story behind it offering a range of delicious vegan dishes. Ain Soph Ripple


which just recently celebrated their 2 year anniversay –  however has taken on a more casual feel, which is where I went to speak with Director Hirohisa (Hiro) Yamagushi and media manager Yui Fujiyama.

Ain Soph started with one woman – Yuki, opening the flagship store was in Ginza.  After enduring troubles in her life her dream was to open…

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