Hello! I’m Bonita and this is my portfolio blog. I am a food and environmental journalist and campaigner, human rights defender, feminist and all round peace lover with a soft spot for green tea.

I used to love to write about food, and over time learnt that luxury for me isn’t luxury for the person on the other end of the production line e.g farmers or producers OR the animals. So while writing away and researching in different areas I found myself venturing into other issues that i felt strongly about like the environment, human rights and politics which all go hand in hand with the food industry.

So with lots of little sub topics to write about i mushed it all into one portfolio where i will be writing and sharing news on lots of different things from cool restaurants, saving woodlands and landscapes, to corruption in the tea industry and their workers. Although i love tea, i won’t shy away from sharing the truth.

On the personal side, I am a tea fiend, bloody love it if you hadn’t already guessed, I have three tattoos one of which is a tea pot. My dream home will have a whole room dedicated to tea. I am in love with Emmy the Great’s music. Zooey Deschanel is my ultimate girl crush. Bare Minerals make up is amazing.  White Tea with vanilla will blow your mind. I really HATE driving (you can’t convince me otherwise, it’s the worst). My pet peeve is when people say “should of” instead of “should have/should’ve”, just winds me right up! Labyrinth is my favourite film of all time. And pigs are my favourite animals, even the ugly ones 🙂

So that’s me in a nutshell, a little lady with a big opinion on the food industry. Gotta stick up for what you love